CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
Eleventh International Conference on
Computational Fluid Dynamics
in the Minerals and Process Industries

7-9 December 2015, MCEC, Melbourne, Australia

MINI-SYMPOSIA - Modelling of gas-particle flows

Gas–solid or gas-particle flows are found in many processes and can often lead to operational problems. Consequently, a detailed fundamental understanding of gas-solid flows is vital for optimal process efficiency. Recent developments in computing performance and the development of better sub-models now make predicting the flow and behaviour of gas-solid systems more reliable. This mini-symposium aims to bring together leaders in the field of gas-solid flow simulation and the designers and operators of these systems.

Authors are invited to submit papers on the following topics for inclusion in the mini-symposium on simulation of gas-particle flows:

      • Fluidised beds,
      • Rotary kilns,
      • FCC systems,
      • Granular flows,
      • Simulation of erosion in gas particle flows,
      • Fundamentals of modelling gas-particle flows,
      • Turbulent phenomena in gas-particle flows, and
      • Modelling of particle-particle and particle-wall interactions.
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