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Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, uses advanced computer software to model the flow of fluids through a processing facility. The fluid may be in liquid, gas or loose particle form, or a combination of them.

Using computer simulation a wide range of variations in physical design and operational parameters can be tested and refined until a set which gives optimum performance is identified.

The broad application of CFD to new and existing plant in the mineral processing, metal production and energy industries has the potential to save companies many millions of dollars per year.

CFD Online brings the power of CFD to the client's fingertips. Custom models can be built by the CFD-Online team, and then runs performed by you. Click here for more information.

CSIRO Minerals' CFD Group is Australia's leading team of CFD researchers in the minerals, processing, and power generation industries. Examples of our CFD work, including animation of results, can be found here, while a detailed publication list is also available. More information about our work and capabilities can be found here.

Since 1997 we have run three international conferences covering work using CFD to model processes in the minerals and process industries. Use the links at left to access conference proceedings online, and find out about our latest conference.

CSIRO is organising a Cutting Edge Science Symposium on Multi-scale Modelling for Industrial Flow Systems with the aim of bring workers and interested parties from around the world together. Further information on the symposium is available here.


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