CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
Thirteenth International Conference on
Computational Fluid Dynamics
in the Minerals and Process Industries

4-7 December 2018, InterContinental Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

summary CFD 2018 & CPT 2

In December 2018 the Thirteenth International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries was held in conjunction with the Second International Symposium on Computational Particle Technology. The event was jointly organised by Monash University and CSIRO with over 250 delegates in attendance. Of these just over half were international delegates from 13 countries. Professor Robin Batterham opened the conference by explain the importance of flow and particle modelling to industry and society. Drawing on his years of experience Robin discussed applications from pyro-metallurgy to landslides but highlighted the importance of model validation.

195 contributed papers and 77 posters were presented at the conference covering a range of diverse topics from modelling of industrial processes such as iron blast furnaces, alumina crystalliser, top-submerger lance combustion, mills, fluidised bed reactors, additive manufacturing processes and hydrocyclones to new techniques and improved understanding of the fundamentals of particle-particle forces, fluid flow and heat transfer.

Professor Robin Batterham opening CFD 2018 and CPT 2.

Six international experts presented plenary talks on:
    • Discrete Simulation Of Granular And Particle-Fluid Systems, Wei Ge, Chinese Academy of Science,
    • Modelling of Subsea Gas Blowouts, Jan Erik Olsen, SINTEF, Norway,
    • Using DEM To Develop Constitutive Models For CFD Simulations Of Particulate Flows, Jennifer Curtis,
       University of California Davis, USA,
    • DEM-CFD Analysis Of Contact Electrification Processes, Chuan-Yu Wu, University of Surry, UK,
    • Single and Two-phase Hydrodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer in Micro-channels: The Complexities of
        Laminar Flow, David Fletcher, University of Sydney, Australia,
    • Particle Resolved Simulations Of Dense Gas-Particle Flows, Han Kuipers, Eindhoven University of
         Technology, Netherlands.

Delegates attending the conference consisted of engineers from industry, researcher scientists and engineers from international and local research labs and professors, researchers and students from local and international universities.

The conference closed with presentation of best student paper and best student poster awards :

Best Student Presentations:
    • Siddhartha Shrestha, Monash University, Particle scale modelling to study the effect of cohesive
        inter-particle force on bubble dynamics.
    • Parag Jeevan Widhate, Western Sydney University, Dynamic behaviour of solid particles in rotating
        drum with inclined axis,
    • Zhenhua Ren, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Numerical study on flow and heat transfer characteristics of
        coal particles in supercritical water fluidized bed reactor,
    • Hirotake Udono, The University of Tokyo, A numerical study on shear thinning due to breakup of a
       particle aggregate.

Best Student Presentations:
    • Qinwen Liu, Southeast University, Oxy-fuel Combustion Behaviors in Fluidized Bed: Studied
       by Experiment and CFD Simulation,
    • Tarabordin Yurata, CSIRO, CFD Simulation of a Cold Model Inter-connected Three Fluidized Reactors
       Applicable to Chemical Looping Hydrogen Production,
    • Yuting Zhuo, University Of New South Wales, Numerical Modelling of Low-rank Coal Briquettes Pyrolysis
       in a Gas Heat Carrier Pyrolyzer,
    • Malgorzata Kaminska, Ecole Des Mines De Saint-Etienne, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Silica
    • Liuyimei Yang, Monash University, Avalanche of Wet Particle in Rotating Drum: a Tentative
       Continuum Model,
    • Giulia Finotello, Eindhoven University of Technology, Droplet-droplet Collisions in a
       Spray Dryer.

Overall the joint meeting was very successful with a high level of scientific exchange and a wide range of attendees including students, academics and industry practitioners.

Special issues in Powder Technology and Applied Mathematical Modelling are being prepared to capture the current state of the art in computational modelling.

The next conference in the series is planned to be organised by SINTEF and held in Norway in mid 2020.

The conference program, various photographs taken at the conference and papers from previous conferences organised by CSIRO can be viewed at the conference website here.

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