CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
Thirteenth International Conference on
Computational Fluid Dynamics
in the Minerals and Process Industries

4-7 December 2018, InterContinental Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

Keynote Speakers

Six international experts presented plenary talks on:
    • Discrete Simulation Of Granular And Particle-Fluid Systems, Wei Ge, Chinese Academy of Science,
    • Modelling of Subsea Gas Blowouts, Jan Erik Olsen, SINTEF, Norway,
    • Using DEM To Develop Constitutive Models For CFD Simulations Of Particulate Flows, Jennifer Curtis,
       University of California Davis, USA,
    • DEM-CFD Analysis Of Contact Electrification Processes, Chuan-Yu Wu, University of Surry, UK,
    • Single and Two-phase Hydrodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer in Micro-channels: The Complexities of
        Laminar Flow, David Fletcher, University of Sydney, Australia,
    • Particle Resolved Simulations Of Dense Gas-Particle Flows, Han Kuipers, Eindhoven University of
         Technology, Netherlands.

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