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Gas-Particle Flow

GPU and Next Generation

Aluminium and Alumina

Bubbly Flows





Fluidised Beds

Industrial DEM

Mass Transfer Processes

MHD & Heat Transfer

Modelling Frameworks

Multiscale & Multiphase Modelling

Numerical Methods

Oil & Gas

Population Balance

Porous Flow


Simulation of Flow Structures

Solar Energy & Heat Transfer

Stirred Tanks

Wind & Energy

The 11th International Conference on CFD

in the Minerals and Process Industries

Melbourne, Australia, 7-9 December, 2015

 Editors : C.B. Solnordal, P. Liovic, G.W. Delaney, S.J. Cummins, M.P. Schwarz and P.J. Witt

CSIRO was host to the eleventh international conference on the application of CFD in the mineral processing, metal production, power generation, chemicals, food, oil and gas and other industries. CFD is proving an invaluable tool in the design and optimisation of equipment and processes in these industries.

The conference continued a successful series of meetings aimed at promoting and advancing the application of CFD in the minerals and process industries where technologies often involve challenging aspects such as multiphase flow, combustion, phase change, non-Newtonian flow, etc.

The program presented papers on a wide variety of applications including aluminium reduction cells, bio-engineering, GPU and next generation computing, combustion, cyclones, DEM modelling, erosion, multi-scale modelling, population balance models, flotation cells, porous flows,  fluidised beds, smelting, slurries, stirred tanks, granular flow and many others.

The full conference proceedings are now available on-line. Navigate between papers using the menu at left to select topic areas, or else click on "Go to Author Index" to find papers by a particular author.

ISBN 978-1-4863-0620-6

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