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The Laser Flow Diagnostics Laboratory is a key component of the work we do as part of process design and optimisation at CSIRO.

CFD Modelling is an incredibly powerful tool that is used to simulate flows and reactions in complex metallurgical and plant operations. However, physical modelling can sometimes be the preferred method of investigating flow behaviour. Also, physical flow models provide data for validation of CFD models.

CSIRO's Laser FLow Modelling Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art laser anemometry equipment. The equipment includes

  • Laser Doppler Velocimitry (LDV), which is used to measure gas and particle velocities and Reynold's shear stresses to high accuracy.
  • Phase Doppler Particle Anemometry (PDPA), enabling the simultaneous measurement of particle velocity and particle sizes.
  • Particle Image Velocimitry (PIV), which allows instantaneous velocity measurements to be made of entire flow fields, as well as providing snapshots of the flow field.
  • Particle/Droplet Image Analysis (PDIA), which enables detailed sizing of particles and droplets up to many millimetres across, in combination with velocity measurements.

  • The equipment enables CSIRO to perform highly detailed and accurate measurements of flow fields in gas and liquids, simultaneously with analyses of particulate flows. Some of the work that has been performed in the laboratory so far can be viewed here and here.

    If you would like more information about the Laser Flow Diagnostics Laboratory, please contact William Yang, contact information is here.



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