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Thickeners, Feedwells and Slurry Flows

Cyclones, Particle Separation and Coal Processing

Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

Rotary Dryers, Boilers, Kilns and Ovens

Hoods, Ducts and Buildings

Mixing Vessels, Stirred Tanks and Flotation Cells

Fluidised Beds, Risers and Gasifiers

Flash and Bath Smelting

Flow through and over Solid Media


CSIRO Example CFD Applications


CSIRO's CFD Team has been working for over 20 years, studying the internal workings of many different processes and systems related to the mineral processing, metal production, petroleum and power generation industries.

A wide selection of our work is showcased in this collection of example applications. Topic areas can be selected using the menu on the left.

Applications are presented as .avi format animations, using Microsoft(TM) Windows Media Player embedded in the web page. If you have trouble viewing the animations, links are provided to compiled Smacker(TM) animations.

The compiled executable file is simply the Smacker animation file bundled with the Smacker player.

RAD Game Tools Uses Smacker Video Technology. Copyright (C) 1994-1999 RAD Game Tools, Inc.

Used under licence. All Smacker executable files may not be further distributed.

For more information about Smacker(TM) video and compiled executables, please follow this link.


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