Multi-Scale Modelling 2009
Multi-scale Modelling for
Industrial Flow Systems

7-8 December 2009, Ian Wark Conference Centre, CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia

A CSIRO Cutting Edge Science Symposium

Various photographs taken at the symposium can be viewed here.

The symposium's opening address will be given by Dr. Jim Peacock, CSIRO Fellow and Manager CSIRO OCE Science Team and former Chief Scientist of Australia.

CSIRO invites you to participate in a symposium on multi-scale modelling of industrial flows. The meeting is part of CSIRO's Cutting Edge Science Symposium Series.

Many of the industrial flow systems of importance in resource processing, manufacturing, biomedical and other applications are intrinsically multi-scale – that is, there are widely separated characteristic length (and time) scales that are of importance to the behaviour of the system as a whole. It is usually not possible for one single simulation technique to capture the phenomena at all scales because of the huge computational resource required, so smarter techniques are required to account for the different scales, and, importantly, the interaction between them.

Multi-scale modelling is a promising new group of methodologies and techniques that are still very much in the developmental stage. Although some progress has been made in computational materials science, the application of multi-scale modelling to fluids systems is still in its infancy, and different groups around the world are taking a wide variety of different approaches.

Particle Flow in a BananaScreen

Working of a Heart Valve



      • Researchers involved in Multi-Scale Modelling
      • Post-graduate students with Multi-scale Modelling emphasis
      • CFD practitioners of Multiphase Flows

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Funding provided by CSIRO OCE Science Office and the Computational and Simulation Science Transformational Capability Platform