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Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

Rotary Dryers, Boilers, Kilns and Ovens

Hoods, Ducts and Buildings

Mixing Vessels, Stirred Tanks and Flotation Cells

Fluidised Beds, Risers and Gasifiers

Flash and Bath Smelting

Flow through and over Solid Media


Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

Transient simulation of rising bubbles (468kB) Transient simulation of a pulsed column (53kB)
Magnesium droplet trajectories in a buoyancy-driven electrochemical cell (47kB) Simulation of fluid streamtraces in a buoyancy-driven electrochemical cell (74kB)
Three dimensional animation of gas injection into the Sirosmelt process (202kB) Top Injection into a molten metal Sirosmelt vessel indicating transient splash dynamics (204kB)
Simulation of bottom injection into a molten metal bath to simulate wave formation (89kB)


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