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Thickeners, Feedwells and Slurry Flows

Cyclones, Particle Separation and Coal Processing

Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

Rotary Dryers, Boilers, Kilns and Ovens

Hoods, Ducts and Buildings

Mixing Vessels, Stirred Tanks and Flotation Cells

Fluidised Beds, Risers and Gasifiers

Flash and Bath Smelting

Flow through and over Solid Media


Thickeners and Feedwells

Aggregation of flocculated particles in a closed feedwell (138kB) Flow and Solids Distribution in a Closed Feedwell (100kB)
Aggregation of Flocculated Particles in a Thickener with an Open Feedwell with Shelf (31kB) Flow Field in an Open Feedwell Showing Solids Distribution and Natural Dilution (122kB)
Aggregation of Flocculated Particles in an Open Feedwell (98kB) Flow Field in a Fitch-type Feedwell Showing Solids Distribution and Natural Dilution (93kB)
Shear Rate in a Fitch-type Feedwell (71kB) Short-circuiting in a Thickener with a Fitch-type Feedwell (45kB)
Dispersion of a tracer into a thickener with three bed heights (220kB) Feed Discharge into a Thickener Feedwell with Shelf and Baffle Arrangement (168kB)
Solids and Dilution Stream Dispersion in a Closed Feedwell (81kB) Mixing of Feed, Flocculant and Dilution in an Open Thickener Feedwell System (54kB)
Feed Dispersion in Thickener Feedwells with Zero, One, Two, and Three Shelves (45kB) Optimisation of Flocculant Adsorbtion in an Open Feedwell with Shelves (72kB)


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