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Mixing Vessels, Stirred Tanks and Flotation Cells

CSIRO-Denver Flotation Cell - showing air dispersion by the rotor action (156kB) Transient simulation of dispersion and two-phase flow in a flotation cell (166B)
Metso Minerals RCS Flotation Mechanism - showing air dispersion from rotor-stator assembly and bubble flow in the cell (370kB) Air dispersion with the Outokumpu Flotation TankCell® mechanism (102kB)
Large Eddy Simulation of a Mechanically Agitated Tank (2.7MB) Stirred Tank with Lightnin A310 Impeller (1.1MB)
Air dispersion with the Metso Minerals RCS flotation mechanism (71kB) Metso Minerals RCS flotation mechanism rotor and stator assembly showing fluid action on rotor blades (61kB)
Gas concentration front in a stirred tank with poor gas dispersion (flooding) (117kB) Tracer dispersion with twin impellers (Rushton turbine and Chemineer HE3) in a mechanically agitated vessel with heating coils (934kB)
Dispersion of tracer injected near the shaft of a Rushton turbine impeller (1.1MB) Mixing tank simulation of chemical addition for a twin pitched-blade impeller (237kB)
Animation of fluid shear rate in a stirred bead mill, surfaces from high to low shear (853kB)


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