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Fluidised Beds and Granular Flows


Coal Combustion

Porous Media

Gas Injection

Cyclones and Spirals

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Furnaces and Combustion

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Heat and Mass Transfer

Blast Furnace and Welding Processes

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Rotary Kilns and Grinding Mills

Numerical Methods

Swirling Flows

Blast Furnace and Welding Processes

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling Of Iron Flow And Heat Transfer In The Iron Blast Furnace Hearth
V. Panjkovic, J. Truelove
Finite Volume Methods Applied To The Computational Modelling Of Welding Phenomena
G. Taylor, M. Hughes, N. Stroussevitc, K. Pericleous
Numerical Simulation Of Solids Flow In A Blast Furnace
S. Zhang, A. Yu, P. Zulli, B. Wright, P. Austin
Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Stationary GTA Welding of gamma-TiAl Based Alloys: Effect of Thermal Capillary Flows
N. El-Kaddah, M. Arenas, V. L. Acoff


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