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Keynote Papers


Fluidised Beds and Granular Flows


Coal Combustion

Porous Media

Gas Injection

Cyclones and Spirals

Continuous Casting


Free Surface Flows

Gas-Solid Flows

Furnaces and Combustion

Fluid Mechanics


Stirred Tanks

Heat and Mass Transfer

Blast Furnace and Welding Processes

Die Casting

Rotary Kilns and Grinding Mills

Numerical Methods

Swirling Flows


CFD Modeling of Nitrogen Dissolution into a Steel Bath During Gas Purging
J. Pitkälä, J. Xia, A. Jokilaakso
Analysis Of Performance Of An Iron-Bath Reactor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
V. Panjkovic, J. Truelove, O. Ostrovski
An Experimental And Numerical CFD Study Of Turbulence In A Tundish Container
P. Gardin, M. Brunet, J. Domgin, K. Pericleous
CFD, A Design Tool For A New Hot Metal Desulfurization Technology
S. Pirker, P. Gittler, H. Pirker, J. Lehner
Modeling of the Top Blow-Down Process in Oxygen Steel-Making Converters
J. Shokin, H. Miloshevich, A. Rychkov


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