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Keynote Papers


Fluidised Beds and Granular Flows


Coal Combustion

Porous Media

Gas Injection

Cyclones and Spirals

Continuous Casting


Free Surface Flows

Gas-Solid Flows

Furnaces and Combustion

Fluid Mechanics


Stirred Tanks

Heat and Mass Transfer

Blast Furnace and Welding Processes

Die Casting

Rotary Kilns and Grinding Mills

Numerical Methods

Swirling Flows


A Finite-Volume Shallow Layer Method, for the MHD Instabilities in an Aluminium Production Cell
L. Leboucher, K. Pericleous, I. Panaitescu, M. Repetto
Electromagnetic Stirring of Steel: Effect of Stirrer Design on Mixing in Horizontal EM Stirring of Steel Slabs
N. El-Kaddah, T. Natarajan
Computer Calculations of Diffusion from a Solid Inclusion in the Surrounding Liquid Current-Carrying Metal Under Electric Current Action
O. Raychenko, O. Derev'yanko, V. Popov


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