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List of Publications: 1994

Correlation of solids circulation rate in circulating fluidized bed systems
RJ Dry, RB White, T Joyce
4th International Conference on Fluidized Beds, Editor.A. Avidan, New Jersey, pp. 621-627, 1994
Modelling Particulate Flow and Combustion in a Flash Smelter
PTL Koh, FRA Jorgensen
Chemeca 94, proceedings of 22nd Australian Chemical Engineering Conference, Perth, September 1994, p. 499-506
Numerical Simulation of a Tangentially Fired Multi-Burner Coal Fired Furnace
M Meyyappan, PJ Witt, JH Perry, V Bulach
Proceedings of the CFDS Second International User Conference, Pittsburgh, USA, 1994
Monitoring complex metallurgical systems using pattern recognition techniques
LJ Mittoni, MP Schwarz
In R. Stonier and X. Yu, editors, Complex Systems, pages 117-124. IOS Press (Amsterdam), 1994
The role of computational Fluid dynamics in process modelling
MP Schwarz
Proc. of 6th AusIMM Extractive Metallurgy Conference, pages 31-36. Aus.IMM, 1994
Simulation of flow and mixing in gas-liquid systems
MP Schwarz
In N. Ahmed, editor, The Australian Mixing Conference: Mixing in the Process Industries, pages 22:1-22:4. University of Newcastle, 1994
An Experimental Study of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Decaying Swirl Through a Heated Annulus
CB Solnordal, NB Gray
Experiments in Fluids, Vol 18, pp 17-25, 1994
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Application of Multiphase Modelling to the Hydrodynamics in Circulating Fluidised Beds
PJ Witt, JH Perry
Proceedings of The 2nd CFDS International User Conference, Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, USA, 5-9 December 1994
Validation of Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Heat Transfer Coefficients in a Fluidised Bed
PJ Witt, JH Perry
The Role of Mathematics in Modern Engineering, Proceedings of Australian Engineering Mathematics Conference July 11-13, 1994, A. Easton & J. Steiner Eds., Student Litteratar, 311-321, 1996
Modelling the Burners and Reaction Shaft of a Flash Smelting Furnace
FRA Jorgensen, BJ Elliot, PTL Koh, TV Nguyen
in proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Flash Reaction Processes, T.W. Davies (ed.), Istanbul, Turkey, May 1994, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands, 1995, pp. 201-238


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