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List of Publications: 2004

Numerical Modelling of Gas-Liquid Flow in Stirred Tanks
GL Lane, MP Schwarz, MP Evans
ISMIP-5 (5th International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes), Seville, 2004
CFD Simulation of Dilute Particulate Flows with Different Solid Size Distributions in a Curved 90 Duct Bend
BT Kuan
Proceedings of the 12th Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conferences CTAC2004, 27 Sept. 1 Oct., University of Melbourne, Melbourne
Coherent structure dynamics in jets from irregular shaped nozzles
J Hart, J Naser, PJ Witt
Proceedings of Fifteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, AFMC15, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 13-17 December 2004
Full Paper (external link)
Experimental Investigation of a Rectangular Slot-Burner in the presence of Cross-Flow for different Jet Velocity Ratios
S Ahmed, CB Solnordal, W Yang, J Nikolov, J Hart, J Naser
Proceedings of the 15th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 13-17 December 2004
Full Paper
A Two-Dimensional CFD Model for Heap Bioleaching of Chalcocite
MJ Leahy, MR Davidson, MP Schwarz
12th Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC 2004), Melbourne, Australia, 27 September - 1 October, 2004
A Column Bioleaching Model for Chalcocite: An Investigation of Oxygen Limitation and Bacterial Inoculation on Leaching
MJ Leahy, MR Davidson, MP Schwarz
BAC-MIN 2004, Bendigo Australia, 8-10 November 2004, AusIMM
Abstract | Draft Paper
The Development of Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry toward Comprehensive Study of Three-Dimensional Pulsatile-Flow Phenomena within the Spiral Vortex Blood Pump
T Yagi, W Yang, M Umezu
Proceeding of The 7th Polish-Japanese Symposium on Bio-Medical Engineering, Warsaw, Poland, September 11th-12th (2004)
Critical condition for slag droplet entrainment in liquid metal a study on liquid silver and borate melts at 1000 oC
S Sun, M Lam, MP Schwarz
Metal Separation Technologies III, Copper Mountain, Colorado, June 20-24, 2004, Ed. R E Aune and M Kekkonen, Helsinki University of Technology, 2004, pp.227-232
Whole-of-System Analysis Using CFD to Reduce Emissions of Fugitives Gases Inside a Copper Smelter Building
CB Solnordal, PJ Witt, A Manzoori, H Namavari, E Niknejad, M Davari
MetPlant 2004, AusIMM, Perth


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