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Thickeners, Feedwells and Slurry Flows

Cyclones, Particle Separation and Coal Processing

Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

Rotary Dryers, Boilers, Kilns and Ovens

Hoods, Ducts and Buildings

Mixing Vessels, Stirred Tanks and Flotation Cells

Fluidised Beds, Risers and Gasifiers

Flash and Bath Smelting

Flow through and over Solid Media


Experimental Techniques

List of Publications: Burners

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CFD modelling of combustion and particle behaviour in a Rotary Dryer
PJ Witt
Proceedings of CFD in Chemical and Reaction Engineering III, Davos, Switzerland, 26-30 May 2003
Full Paper
Numerical Modelling of Isothermal Burner Jets
JT Hart, J Naser, PJ Witt, LJ Mittoni
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries, CSIRO, 6-8 December, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 135-140, 1999
Full Paper


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