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Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

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Experimental Techniques

List of Publications: Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems

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Measurement and CFD Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Solvent Extraction Pulsed Column
JM Bujalski, W Yang, J Nikolov, CB Solnordal, MP Schwarz
Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 61(9), pp. 2930-2938, 2006
Abstract (external link) | Full Paper (external link)
Hydrodynamic Modelling of Hydrometallurgical Unit Operations
MP Schwarz
Computational Analysis in Hydrometallurgy, 44th Annual Conference of Metallurgists, Can Instit. Of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Eds. D. Dixon and M Dry, pp. 3-14
Multiscale Modelling of Bubbly Systems Using Wavelet-Based Mesh Adaptation
T Liu, MP Schwarz
Computational Science ICCS 2005: 5th International Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA, May 22-25, 2005, Proceedings, Part III Editors: Vaidy S. Sunderam, Geert Dick van Albada, Peter M. A. Sloot, et al. p.112
Draft Paper
Critical condition for slag droplet entrainment in liquid metal a study on liquid silver and borate melts at 1000 oC
S Sun, M Lam, MP Schwarz
Metal Separation Technologies III, Copper Mountain, Colorado, June 20-24, 2004, Ed. R E Aune and M Kekkonen, Helsinki University of Technology, 2004, pp.227-232
CFD Modelling and Comparison with Experimental Residence Time Distributions in Single and Two-Phase Porous Flows
JM Bujalski, RE Tiller-Jeffery, HR Watling, MP Schwarz
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries, CSIRO, 10-12 December, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 463-468, 2003
Full Paper
Towards Understanding the In Situ Agglomeration of Nickel Concentrate Powder During Flash Furnace Injection
DP Debrincat, CB Solnordal, J van Deventer, FRA Jorgensen, PTL Koh
First Asian Particle Technology Symposium, Thailand, December 2000
Mathematical Modelling of Injection Processes
MP Schwarz, IF Taylor
The Brimacombe Memorial Symposium, Vancouver, Oct 1-4, 2000, Can Instit Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (Montreal)
Simulation of Impinging Jet Apparatus for Gas-Liquid Reaction Rate Measurement
MP Schwarz
In Fluid Flow Phenomena in Metals Processing, N. El-Kaddah et al (Eds). TMS (Warrendale), pp171-178, 1999
Steam cavity Collapse and Erosion in a Non-Newtonian Slurry Hydroheater
LJ Mittoni, MP Schwarz
13th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, pages 317-320. Monash University, 1998
Numerical studies of multiphase mixing with application to some small-scale experiments
DF Fletcher, PJ Witt
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 166(2), 135-145, 1996
Abstract (external link) | Full Paper (external link)
Application of chaos theory to gas injection
LJ Mittoni, MP Schwarz
In M. Nilmani and T. Lehner, editors, The Howard Worner International Symposium on Injection in Metallurgy, pages 251-264. TMS (Warrandale, PA), 1996
Splash and Free Surface Flow in Metallurgical Processes
J-L Liow, MP Schwarz (Editors)
GKW CRC for Extractive Metallurgy, Melbourne University June,1995
Deterministic chaos in the gas inlet pressure of gas-liquid bubbling system
LJ Mittoni, MP Schwarz, RD La Nauze
Phys. Fluids, 7(4):891-893, 1995
Abstract (external link) | Full Paper (avail. for purchase)
Simulation of gas injection into liquid melts
MP Schwarz
Applied Math. Modell., 20(1), 41-51, 1995
Abstract (external link) | Full Paper (external link)
Simulation of blowthrough in smelting baths with bottom injection
MP Schwarz, P Dang
13th Process Technology Conference Proceedings, pages 415-422. Iron and Steel Society, 1995
Simulation of flow and mixing in gas-liquid systems
MP Schwarz
In N. Ahmed, editor, The Australian Mixing Conference: Mixing in the Process Industries, pages 22:1-22:4. University of Newcastle, 1994
Monitoring complex metallurgical systems using pattern recognition techniques
LJ Mittoni, MP Schwarz
In R. Stonier and X. Yu, editors, Complex Systems, pages 117-124. IOS Press (Amsterdam), 1994
On hydrodynamic simulation of a bubble column
MP Schwarz
In N.R. Sheridan, editor, Fifth Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, pages 34:1-34:6. University of Queensland, 1993
A New Approach to the Modelling and Control of Gas-Liquid Systems
LJ Mittoni, RD La Nauze
in APCChE 93 /Chemeca 93, Proceedings of 6th Conference of the Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering, and 21st Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference, Melbourne, September 1993, p.335
Top--entry submerged injection and the Isasmelt technology
RL Player, CR Fountain, TV Nguyen, FRA Jorgensen
Invited paper at the Savard/Lee International Symposium on Bath Smelting, Montreal, Canada, pp. 215-229, 1992
An improved model for wave excitation in liquid baths with gas injection
MP Schwarz
In M.R. Davis and G.J. Walker, editors, 11th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, pages 207-210. University of Tasmania, 1992
Flow dynamics in smelting baths with gas injection
MP Schwarz
In M. Nilmani and W.J. Rankin, editors, Mervyn Willis Symposium and Smelting and Refining Course, pages 33:1-33:14. University of Melbourne, 1992
Validation of numerical simulation of gas driven bath circulation by LDV measurements
MP Schwarz, ARd Musgrove, JD Hooper, P Dang
In Proc. 10th Process Technology Division Conference, Toronto, ISS/AIME, 1992
Buoyancy and expansion power in gas-agitated baths
MP Schwarz
ISIJ International, 31(9):947-951, 1991
Abstract (external link) | Full Paper (external link)
Excitation of wave motion in liquid baths by gas injection
MP Schwarz
In G. Matsui, A. Serizawa, and Y. Tsuji, editors, Proceedings of the International Conference on Multiphase Flows '91, Vol 2, pages 409-412, 1991
Liquid Splashes at the Surface of Baths Agitated by Gas Injection Through Submerged Lances
PTL Koh, RN Taylor
Chemeca 90, proceedings of the 18th Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference, (Institution of Engineers, Australia, 1990), p. 183-190.
Sloshing waves formed in gas-agitated baths
MP Schwarz
Chemical Engineering Science, 45(7):1765-1777, 1990
Abstract (external link)


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