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Author Index - M

Matthews, BW
Computational simulation of fluid and dilute particulate flows on spiral concentrators
Merrell, J
Bubble rise in an inclined channel
Metcalfe, G
How well do discrete element granular flow models capture the essentials of mixing processes?
Convection due to horizontal shaking
Meyyappan, M
Modelling swirl jet flows
Molloy, N
Temperature homogenisation in an electric arc furnace steelmaking bath
Mooney, J
Time-varying MHD flows with free surfaces
Moran, G
Physica: A multiphysics computational framework and its application to casting simulations
Three-dimensional free surface modelling in an unstructured mesh environment for metal processing applications
Morris, P
Non-Newtonian flow in a cavity mixer
Coating flow simulations using smooth particle hydrodynamics
Numerical simulations of chaotic mixing
Murai, K
A study on flow patterns and fluid mixing for water purification in a pond


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