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Gas-Liquid Flows

Heat and Mass Transfer

Environmental and Safety

Gas-Solid Flows

Flash Smelting


Rotating Machines/Kilns


Fluidised Beds


Liquid-Solids Flows

Stirred Vessels


Modelling Techniques

Spray Drying and Cyclones

Non-Newtonian Flow


Blast Furnaces


Turbulence Modelling

Food and Medical Engineering

Special Interests

Electro-Magnetic Flows

Rotating Machinery and Kilns

Effect Of Rotorís Angular Speed And Aspect Ratio On Entropy Generation In A Rotor-Casing Assembly
B Abu-Hijleh, J Tu, A Subic
SPH Simulations Of A Lobe Pump: Prediction Of Protein Shear Stress At Different Pump Efficiencies
M Prakash, N Stokes, J Bertolini, O Tatford, P Gomme
Challenges And Progress In The Modelling Of Heat Transfer And NOx Emissions From Rotary Kiln Flames Involving Unsteady Flows
GJ Nathan, BB Dally


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