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Blast Furnaces

Hot Metal Flow In The Blast Furnace Hearth: Thermal And Carbon Dissolution Effects On Buoyancy, Flow And Refractory Wear
JR Post, T Peeters, Y Yang, MA Reuter
Numerical Analysis On Blast Furnace Performance By Multi-Dimensional Transient Simulator Based On Multi-Fluid Theory
J Yagi, H Nogami, M Chu
1D Combined Flow And Thermodynamic Modelling Of A Lead Blast Furnace
F Verhaeghe, B Blanpain, P Wollants
Discrete Particle Simulation Of Gas-Solid Flow In A Blast Furnace
ZY Zhou, D Pinson, HP Zhu, AB Yu, B Wright, P Zulli
Gas-Powder Flow In Blast Furnace With Different Shapes Of Cohesive Zone
XF Dong, D Pinson, SJ Zhang , AB Yu, P Zulli
A Two-Dimensional Steady-State Simulation Model For A Lead Blast Furnace
P Verguts, B Blanpain, P Wollants
Assessment Of Refractory Condition In A Blast Furnace Hearth Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
B Wright, P Zulli, F Bierbrauer, V Panjkovic


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