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Keynote Papers


Gas-Liquid Flows

Heat and Mass Transfer

Environmental and Safety

Gas-Solid Flows

Flash Smelting


Rotating Machines/Kilns


Fluidised Beds


Liquid-Solids Flows

Stirred Vessels


Modelling Techniques

Spray Drying and Cyclones

Non-Newtonian Flow


Blast Furnaces


Turbulence Modelling

Food and Medical Engineering

Special Interests

Electro-Magnetic Flows

Heat and Mass Transfer

Application Of CFD In The Sugar Industry
T Dixon, A Mann, P Hobson, F Plaza, S Pennisi, R Steindl
Numerical Study Of Hydrodynamics And Mass Transfer Of In-Line Fiber Arrays In Laminar Cross-Flow
T Li, NG Deen, JAM Kuipers
CFD Modelling Of The Heat And Mass Transfer Process During The Evaporation Of Water From A Circular Cylinder
FJ Trujillo, SJ Lovatt, MB Harris, J Willix, QT Pham
CFD Model Development For Sugar Mill Evaporators
SN Pennisi, JL Liow, PA Schneider
Validation Of A CFD Model Of A Three-Dimensional Tube-In-Tube Heat Exchanger
H van der Vyver, J Dirker, JP Meyer
A CFX Based Model For Si/C/N Ceramic Nano-Powder Synthesis By The Laser Pyrolysis
M Amara, D Hourlier, M El Ganaoui
Gas Quenching Single Components
PF Stratton
Experimental Validation Of Combustion Predictions Using The Gothic Code
JY Lee, GC Park, CH Chung, BC Lee


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