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Keynote Papers


Gas-Liquid Flows

Heat and Mass Transfer

Environmental and Safety

Gas-Solid Flows

Flash Smelting


Rotating Machines/Kilns


Fluidised Beds


Liquid-Solids Flows

Stirred Vessels


Modelling Techniques

Spray Drying and Cyclones

Non-Newtonian Flow


Blast Furnaces


Turbulence Modelling

Food and Medical Engineering

Special Interests

Electro-Magnetic Flows

Gas-Solid Flows

Eulerian Multiphase Modeling Of Particle-Particle And Particle-Turbulence Interactions In Polydisperse Gas-Solid Flows
P Fede, G Patino, O Simonin
Numerical Prediction Of Dilute Particulate Flows In Horizontal And Vertical Ducts
B Kuan, MP Schwarz
Design Optimisation Of Industrial Ducts Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
N Al-Khalidy
Discrete Particle Simulation Of Gas-Solid Flow In A Blast Furnace
ZY Zhou, D Pinson, HP Zhu, AB Yu, B Wright, P Zulli
3D Dem Simulations Of A High Shear Mixer
M Sinnott, PW Cleary
Hydrodynamics Of A Particle Impact On A Wall
M Thompson, T Leweke, A Cheung, K Hourigan
CFD Investigation Of Particle Deposition And Distribution In A Horizontal Pipe
A Hossain, J Naser, K McManus, G Ryan
Flow Prediction In A Pneumatically Fed Impact Pulveriser
IG Chatzilamprou, MW Youds, MJ Tierney, B Armstrong
Two Dimensional Transfer Chute Analysis Using A Continuum Method
P McIlvenna, R Mossad
Axial Transport In Dry Ball Mills
PW Cleary


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