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Keynote Papers

Electromagnetic Processes

Thickeners and Slurries

Mixing and Turbulence

Power Generation

Flash Smelting


Numerical Methods

Fluidised Beds

Stirred Tanks


Combustion and Gas/Particle Flows


Mathematical and physical modelling of systems for metal delivery in the continuous casting of steel and DC casting of aluminum
D Xu, WK Jones, JW Evans, DP Cook
Computed oscillations of a confined submerged liquid jet
BM Gebert, MR Davidson, MJ Rudman
Physica: A multiphysics computational framework and its application to casting simulations
C Bailey, GA Taylor, SM Bounds, G Moran, M Cross
A penalty finite element model for coupled heat and fluid flows in continuous casting of steel
BM Wiwatanapataphee, Y-H Wu, PF Siew


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