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Keynote Papers

Electromagnetic Processes

Thickeners and Slurries

Mixing and Turbulence

Power Generation

Flash Smelting


Numerical Methods

Fluidised Beds

Stirred Tanks


Combustion and Gas/Particle Flows

Thickeners and Slurries

Computational simulation of fluid and dilute particulate flows on spiral concentrators
BW Matthews, CAJ Fletcher, AC Partridge
Residue thickener modelling at Worsley Alumina
RB Kahane, MP Schwarz, RM Johnston
Particle transport in a bottom-feed separation vessel
Y Li, MP Rudman, G Brown
Computational modelling of coal slurry distributor flows
D Yang, CAJ Fletcher, AC Partridge
Dispersion of a solids stream falling into a stationary fluid
KM Smith, MR Davidson, DF Fletcher


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