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Keynote Papers

Electromagnetic Processes

Thickeners and Slurries

Mixing and Turbulence

Power Generation

Flash Smelting


Numerical Methods

Fluidised Beds

Stirred Tanks


Combustion and Gas/Particle Flows


Modelling of iron flow, heat transfer, and refractory wear in the hearth of an iron blast furnace
PK Iwamasa, GA Caffery, WD Warnica, SR Alias
Modelling gas injection of a Peirce-Smith converter
J Vaarno, J Pitkala, T Ahokainen, A Jokilaakso
Bubble rise in an inclined channel
MJ Rudman, HM Blackburn, J Merrell
Computational modelling study of a plane gas jet impinging onto a liquid pool
SE Forrester, GM Evans


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