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Keynote Papers

Electromagnetic Processes

Thickeners and Slurries

Mixing and Turbulence

Power Generation

Flash Smelting


Numerical Methods

Fluidised Beds

Stirred Tanks


Combustion and Gas/Particle Flows

Flash Smelting

Numerical modelling of combustion in a zinc flash smelter
PTL Koh, TV Nguyen, FRA Jorgensen
Modelling chalcopyrite combustion together with fluid flow simulation
T Ahokainen, A Jokilaakso, J Vaarno, J Jarvi
Numerical modelling and physical testing of gas flows in a flash smelting burner
C Doblin, TV Nguyen
Turbulence modulation by mass exchange in a model of a flash furnace gas-particle jet
MR Davidson
Simulation of reactive flows in burners
J Ha, Z Zhu


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