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Keynote Papers

Electromagnetic Processes

Thickeners and Slurries

Mixing and Turbulence

Power Generation

Flash Smelting


Numerical Methods

Fluidised Beds

Stirred Tanks


Combustion and Gas/Particle Flows

Electromagnetic Processes

The development of a dynamic CFD model of the magnetic semi-levitation of liquid metals
K Pericleous, V Bojarevics, M Cross, G Tinios
Time-varying MHD flows with free surfaces
J Mooney, N Stokes
MHD analysis in hydrodynamic casting process of clad steel slabs
E Takeuchi, H Harada, M Zeze, H Tanaka
Computation of the oscillation of free surfaces and the effect of electromagnetic fields
R Kageyama, JW Evans
Temperature homogenisation in an electric arc furnace steelmaking bath
G Caffery, D Warnica, N Molloy, M Lee


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