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Author Index - E

Easton, A.K.
Computational and experimental studies of tube erosion in a fluidised bed
Eghlimi, A.
The CFD investigation of flash dryer and rotating kiln design
Computational modelling of char combustion based on the structure of char particles
El-Kaddah, N.
Heat transfer and fluid flow in stationary GTA welding of g -TiAl based alloys: Effect of thermal capillary flows
Electromagnetic stirring of steel: effect of stirrer design on mixing in horizontal EM stirring of steel slabs
Entesari-Tatafi, J.
Heat transfer characteristics on laminar filmwise condensation along a flat vertical plate with three distinct cooling zones
Evans, G.M.
CFD modeling of zinc vapour flows in a continuous strip coating line
Predicting gas-liquid flow in a mechanically-stirred tank


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