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Author Index - M

Maghrebi, M. J.
Self-similarity of spatially-developing three-dimensional plane wakes
Manickam, M.
CFD analysis of erosion of bifurcation duct walls
Physical and numerical modeling of solids movement near the distributor in a fluidised bed calciner
Matthews, B.
Pseudo-shock in supersonic injection feeder
Particle flow modelling on spiral concentrators: benefits of dense media for coal processing?
McElwain, D.L.S.
Computation of turbulent swirling quarl burner flow
McIntosh, M.J.
CFD analysis of erosion of bifurcation duct walls
Mees, P.
Using CFD to model the interaction of a horizontal feed jet on fluidized bed hydrodynamics
Mehrotra, V.
Monte Carlo particle dispersion simulation application in coal fired furnaces: Comparison with experimental data
Miloschevich, H.
Numerical Modeling of Lighting Process in Pulverized-Coal Burner of a Boiler Unit by the Low-Temperature Plasma Jet
Modeling of the top blow-down process in oxygen steel-making converters
Mittoni, L.
Numerical Modelling of Isothermal Burner Jets
Moghtaderi, B.
A numerical Study on the Effects of Wind Flow on Self-Heating Characteristics of Coal Stockpiles
Mooney, J.R.
The modelling of flow and chemical reactions in waste piles
Morgans, R.C.
Application of the revised Wilcox (1998) k-w turbulence model to a jet in co-flow
Murai, K.
A study on flow patterns and fluid mixing for water purification in a rectangular water tank
Murugesan, K.
Drying of Porous Material Using Finite Element Method


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