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Author Index - N

Naser, J.A.
Numerical Modelling of Isothermal Burner Jets
Narayana, P.A.A.
Drying of Porous Material Using Finite Element Method
Natarajan, T.T.
Electromagnetic stirring of steel: effect of stirrer design on mixing in horizontal EM stirring of steel slabs
Nathan, G. J.
Application of the revised Wilcox (1998) k-w turbulence model to a jet in co-flow
Nesic, S.
Prediction of two-phase erosion-corrosion in bends
Nguyen, M.
Stress in sandpiles
Nguyen, T.
Simulation of die filling in gravity die casting using SPH and MAGMAsoft
Nguyen, T.V.
Prediction of dust loss from conveyors using CFD modelling
Nogami, H.
Numerical analysis for moving bed iron scrap melting furnace
Nordell, L.K.
New analytical methods improve our understanding of ore grinding mills and other applications
Novozhilov, V.
Prediction of unstable regimes in the operation of bagasse fired furnaces
Nowakowski, A.F.
A three dimensional simulations of hydrocyclone behaviour
Nunhez, J.R.
Improving internal flow of coiled stirred tanks


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