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Author Index - L

Lane, G.L.
CFD modelling of a stirred bead mill for fine grinding
Predicting gas-liquid flow in a mechanically-stirred tank
Langrish, T.A.G.
Simulation of precession in axisymmetric sudden expansion flows
Lanspeary, P. V.
Application of the revised Wilcox (1998) k-w turbulence model to a jet in co-flow
Lawson, N.J.
Numerical prediction of submerged oscillating jet flow
Leboucher, L.Y.L.
A finite-volume shallow layer method, for the MHD instabilities in an aluminum production cell
Lehner, J.
Ventilation and dedusting of melting shops
CFD, a design tool for a new hot metal desulfurization technology
Li, Y.
A CFD study of natural convection heat and mass transfer in respiring hygroscopic porous media
Liffman, K.
Stress in sandpiles
Liovic, P.
Numerical modelling of free surface flows in metallurgical vessels
Liow, J.L.
Numerical modelling of free surface flows in metallurgical vessels
Lopez, J.M.
Dynamics of surfactant-influenced gas/liquid interfaces
Lu, L.
Computational modelling of char combustion based on the structure of char particles
Lucas, J.A.
CFD modeling of zinc vapour flows in a continuous strip coating line
Luo, X.L.
The modelling of flow and chemical reactions in waste piles


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