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Author Index - H

Ha, J.
Simulation of die filling in gravity die casting using SPH and MAGMAsoft
Three dimensional modelling of high pressure die casting
Modelling of flow in porous media and resin transfer moulding using smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Hance, S.
Comparison between CFD and measured data for the mixing of lead bullion
Harris, D.
Computational modelling of char combustion based on the structure of char particles
Harris, J.A.
CFD modelling of sucrose crystallisation
Modelling convective boiling of molasses
Hart, J.
Numerical Modelling of Isothermal Burner Jets
Haynes, B.S.
A numerical and experimental study of tangentially injected swirling pipe flows
Hirsa, A.
Dynamics of surfactant-influenced gas/liquid interfaces
Holappa, L.
Modeling of flows in a ladle with gas stirred liquid wood's metal
Horio, M.
DEM simulation of char combustion in a fluidized bed
Hosokawa, T.
Heat transfer characteristics on laminar filmwise condensation along a flat vertical plate with three distinct cooling zones
A study on flow patterns and fluid mixing for water purification in a rectangular water tank
Hourigan, K.
Hysteresis in the open pipe flow with vortex breakdown
Huang, W.G.
A Pressure Correction Method for Calculating the Flows in Low Speed Axial Fans and Compressors
Hughes, M.
Finite volume methods applied to the computational modelling of welding phenomena
Huynh, B.P.
Contribution to extrudate swell from the velocity factor in non-isothermal extrusion


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