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Keynote Papers

Electromagnetic Processes

Thickeners and Slurries

Mixing and Turbulence

Power Generation

Flash Smelting


Numerical Methods

Fluidised Beds

Stirred Tanks


Combustion and Gas/Particle Flows

Keynote Papers

CFD and the real needs of the minerals and metals processing industry
RJ Batterham, GJ Hardie
Fluid flow in metals processing: Achievements in CFD and opportunities
JW Evans
Simulation of reacting flows: Contributions to modelling
JH Ferziger
Mathematical modelling tools for the optimisation of direct smelting processes
MP Davis, K Pericleous, MP Schwarz, M Cross
Mathematical and physical modelling of steel flow and solidification in twin roll/horizontal belt thin strip casting machines
RIL Guthrie, RP Tavares
The development of a dynamic CFD model of the magnetic semi-levitation of liquid metals
K Pericleous, V Bojarevics, M Cross, G Tinios
Time-varying MHD flows with free surfaces
J Mooney, N Stokes
MHD analysis in hydrodynamic casting process of clad steel slabs
E Takeuchi, H Harada, M Zeze, H Tanaka
Computation of the oscillation of free surfaces and the effect of electromagnetic fields
R Kageyama, JW Evans
Temperature homogenisation in an electric arc furnace steelmaking bath
G Caffery, D Warnica, N Molloy, M Lee
Computational simulation of fluid and dilute particulate flows on spiral concentrators
BW Matthews, CAJ Fletcher, AC Partridge
Residue thickener modelling at Worsley Alumina
RB Kahane, MP Schwarz, RM Johnston
Particle transport in a bottom-feed separation vessel
Y Li, MP Rudman, G Brown
Computational modelling of coal slurry distributor flows
D Yang, CAJ Fletcher, AC Partridge
Dispersion of a solids stream falling into a stationary fluid
KM Smith, MR Davidson, DF Fletcher
Turbulent particle dispersion in electrostatic precipitators
BS Choi, CAJ Fletcher
How well do discrete element granular flow models capture the essentials of mixing processes?
P Cleary, G Metcalfe, K Liffman
Numerical simulation of separated flows in three-dimensional industrial geometries: A case study
G Brown
Convection due to horizontal shaking
K Liffman, G Metcalfe, P Cleary
Experience with CFD in the power industry
M Somogyi, TE Davidson
Modelling swirl jet flows
M Meyyappan, MP Schwarz, JH Perry
Numerical and experimental analysis of heat transfer and fluid flow in 3-D circular finned-tube heat exchangers
JY Yang, JT Lai
Numerical simulation of pulverised coal combustion
V Sahajwalla, A Eghlimi, K Farrell
Numerical modelling of combustion in a zinc flash smelter
PTL Koh, TV Nguyen, FRA Jorgensen
Modelling chalcopyrite combustion together with fluid flow simulation
T Ahokainen, A Jokilaakso, J Vaarno, J Jarvi
Numerical modelling and physical testing of gas flows in a flash smelting burner
C Doblin, TV Nguyen
Turbulence modulation by mass exchange in a model of a flash furnace gas-particle jet
MR Davidson
Simulation of reactive flows in burners
J Ha, Z Zhu
Numerical simulations of chaotic mixing
BE Tan, P Morris, MC Thompson, K Hourigan
A study on flow patterns and fluid mixing for water purification in a pond
Y Kawashima, K Murai, T Hosokawa
3-D prediction of two fluid streams mixing at different angles
JA Nasar
Non-Newtonian flow in a cavity mixer
P Morris, K Hourigan, MC Thompson
Prediction of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow through concentric annulus with centerbody rotation
JA Nasar
A new RNG-based two-equation model for predicting turbulent gas-particle flows
A Eghlimi, A Kouzoubov, CAJ Fletcher
Modelling of iron flow, heat transfer, and refractory wear in the hearth of an iron blast furnace
PK Iwamasa, GA Caffery, WD Warnica, SR Alias
Modelling gas injection of a Peirce-Smith converter
J Vaarno, J Pitkala, T Ahokainen, A Jokilaakso
Bubble rise in an inclined channel
MJ Rudman, HM Blackburn, J Merrell
Computational modelling study of a plane gas jet impinging onto a liquid pool
SE Forrester, GM Evans
Three-dimensional free surface modelling in an unstructured mesh environment for metal processing applications
KA Pericleous, GJ Moran, SM Bounds, P Chow, M Cross
Modelling confined multi-material heat and mass flows using SPH
PW Cleary
Heat transfer by impinging jets on a moving strip
PW Gardin, K Pericleous
Coating flow simulations using smooth particle hydrodynamics
PJ Reichi, P Morris, K Hourigan, MC Thompson, SAT Stoneman
Application of CFD to fluidised bed systems
PJ Witt, JH Perry, MP Schwarz
Comparison of representations for particle-particle interactions in a gas-solid fluidised bed
RA Bell, PJ Witt, AK Easton, MP Schwarz
Numerical modelling of slugging flow in gas fluidised beds
SJ Zhang, AB Yu
CFD simulation of a Rushton turbine in a baffled tank
GL Lane, PTL Koh
Simulation of two-phase flows in a stirred mixing tank
Z Zhu, N Stokes
Flow simulation of a mixing vessel incorporating blade element theory
DA Niclasen, M Rudman, HM Blackburn, J Wu
Mathematical and physical modelling of systems for metal delivery in the continuous casting of steel and DC casting of aluminum
D Xu, WK Jones, JW Evans, DP Cook
Computed oscillations of a confined submerged liquid jet
BM Gebert, MR Davidson, MJ Rudman
Physica: A multiphysics computational framework and its application to casting simulations
C Bailey, GA Taylor, SM Bounds, G Moran, M Cross
A penalty finite element model for coupled heat and fluid flows in continuous casting of steel
BM Wiwatanapataphee, Y-H Wu, PF Siew
Combustion modelling for entrained flow biomass gasifier
DF Fletcher, BS Haynes, FC Christo, SD Joseph
Pressure probe measurements of turbulent flow in a spray drier with a rotary atomiser
GD Sizgek, E Sizgek, JD Hooper
Coupled natural convection and atmospheric wind forced advection in above ground reacting heaps
RD Anne, G Pantelis
Turbulence in modelling of single phase flow in a spray dryer
RH Hovenden, MR Davidson


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