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Author Index - R

Ren, TX
Numerical simulation of water mist suppression of tunnel-fire scenarios
Reuter, MA
Hot metal flow in the blast furnace hearth: thermal and carbon dissolution effects on buoyancy, flow and refractory wear
Modelling of the fuel stream and combustion in a rotary-kiln hazardous waste incinerator
Rhodes, M
Influence of interparticle cohesive force on fluidized bed behaviour by DEM simulation
Rudman, M
The effect of shear thinning behaviour on turbulent pipe flow
Simulation of turbulent flow in a cyclonic separator
Modelling of viscous resuspension using a one-field description of multiphase flows
Rutgers, RPG
Numerical analysis of the effect of extrusion conditions on flow in slit die rheometer
Analysis of a slit die rheometer: predicting product flow and dimensions through numerical simulation
Ryan, G
CFD investigation of particle deposition and distribution in a horizontal pipe


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