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Author Index - Y

Yagi, J
Numerical analysis on blast furnace performance by multi-dimensional transient simulator based on multi-fluid theory
Yang, C
Numerical simulation of viscous flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past an irregular solid obstacle by the mirror fluid method
Yang, RY
Simulation of the cake formation and growth in sedimentation and filtration
Yang, W
CFD simulation and experimental validation of dilute particulate turbulent flows in a 90 duct bend
Yang, Y
Modelling of the fuel stream and combustion in a rotary-kiln hazardous waste incinerator
Hot metal flow in the blast furnace hearth: thermal and carbon dissolution effects on buoyancy, flow and refractory wear
Ydstie, BE
Flow modeling for design of carbothermic aluminium reactors
Yeoh, GH
Development of a numerical model for subcooled boiling flow
Yingchen, W
CFD study of mixing process in Rushton turbine stirred tanks
Yokoya, S
Swirling flow effect in immersion nozzle on bulk mold flow in continuous casting
Youds, MW
Flow prediction in a pneumatically fed impact pulveriser
Yu, AB
Comparison of several turbulence models applied to the simulation of gas flow in a packed bed
Gas-powder flow in blast furnace with different shapes of cohesive zone
Simulation of the cake formation and growth in sedimentation and filtration
Discrete particle simulation of gas-solid flow in a blast furnace
Simulation of particulate flow
Numerical study of gas-solid flow in a cyclone separator
Effect of model formulation of discrete particle simulation on the gas fluidization behaviour


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