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Author Index - A

Abrahamson, J
Modelling of air flow and pollen collection by a single kiwifruit flower under wind and an air jet
Abu-Hijleh, B
Effect of rotorís angular speed and aspect ratio on entropy generation in a rotor-casing assembly
Adesina, AA
Light intensity distribution in photocatalytic reactors using a finite volume method
Ahmed, S
The effect of jet velocity ratio on aerodynamics of rectangular slot-burners in tangentially-fired furnaces
Ahokainen, T
Development of a mathematical model of flash smelting and converting processes
Al-Ajmi, MR
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional ceramic candle filter flow
Alguine, V
SPH, MagmaSoft and water analogue modellings of die filling of a servo piston
Al-Hajeri, MH
CFD analyses of fluid flow and heat transfer in patterned roll-bonded aluminium plate radiators
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional ceramic candle filter flow
Al-Khalidy, N
Design optimisation of industrial ducts using computational fluid dynamics
Amara, M
A CFX based model for Si/C/N ceramic nano-powder synthesis by the laser pyrolysis
Argyropoulos, SA
The application of Computational Fluid Dynamics and heat transfer in measuring the magnitude and direction of velocity in liquid metals
Armstrong, B
Flow prediction in a pneumatically fed impact pulveriser


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