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Author Index - B

Bailey, C
Application of CFD in vacuum dezincing process
Beale, S
Performance predictions in solid oxide fuel cells
Bennacer, R
Vertical bridgman configuration heated from below: 3D bifurcation and stability analysis
Bertolini, J
SPH simulations of a lobe pump: prediction of protein shear stress at different pump efficiencies
Bhandari, BR
Analysis of a slit die rheometer: predicting product flow and dimensions through numerical simulation
Bierbrauer, F
Assessment of refractory condition in a blast furnace hearth using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Bilson, M
Comparison of turbulent mass transfer mechanisms in a pipe and a rotating cylinder
Blackburn, HM
Simulation of turbulent flow in a cyclonic separator
The effect of shear thinning behaviour on turbulent pipe flow
Blanpain, B
1D combined flow and thermodynamic modelling of a lead blast furnace
A two-dimensional steady-state simulation model for a lead blast furnace
Bojarevics, V
Experimental and numerical study of the cold crucible melting process
Bondok, AA
CFD analyses of fluid flow and heat transfer in patterned roll-bonded aluminium plate radiators
Brannock, M
Development of simplified flow models from CFD simulations
Bremhorst, K
Comparison of turbulent mass transfer mechanisms in a pipe and a rotating cylinder
Brennan, MS
Multiphase CFD simulations of dense medium and classifying hydrocyclones
CFD simulations of gravity sluices
Brown, GJ
CFD prediction of odour dispersion and plume visibility for alumina refinery calciner stacks
Bui, A
Modelling of viscous resuspension using a one-field description of multiphase flows
Bujalski, J
CFD modeling and comparison with experimental residence time distributions in single and two phase porous flows
Bujalski, W
CFD analysis involving liquid aluminium in-furnace cleaning process


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