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Author Index - G

Gebelin, JC
Modelling of the wax injection process for the investment casting process: prediction of defects
Gerogiorgis, DI
Flow modeling for design of carbothermic aluminium reactors
Gomme, P
SPH simulations of a lobe pump: prediction of protein shear stress at different pump efficiencies
Grandfield, J
3D SPH simulations of the aluminium ingot casting process
Grönstrand, S
Numerical modeling of an Outokumpu flotation device
Guenther, C
Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations of chemically reactive fluidized bed processes
Guilbert, PW
The use of coupled solvers for complex multi-phase and reacting flows
Gunnewiek, LH
Using CFD in the design and scale-up of hydrometallurgical processes
Guo, B
Comparison of several turbulence models applied to the simulation of gas flow in a packed bed
Lagrangian and Eulerian models for simulating turbulent dispersion and agglomeration of droplets within a spray
What is important in the simulation of spray dryer performance and how do current CFD models perform?
Modeling of radiation intensity in an EAF
Guozhong, Z
CFD study of mixing process in Rushton turbine stirred tanks


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