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Author Index - T

Tadé, MO
CFD simulation of bubble flows under varying patterns in horizontal pipes for pyrite oxidation
Tai, K
Radial point interpolation collocation method (RPICM) for the solution of two phase flow through porous media
Takagi, S
Swirling flow effect in immersion nozzle on bulk mold flow in continuous casting
Tang, Y
Investigation of air entrapment into an argon oxygen decarburization converter at the reduction stage
Taskinen, P
Development of a mathematical model of flash smelting and converting processes
Tatford, O
SPH simulations of a lobe pump: prediction of protein shear stress at different pump efficiencies
Thompson, M
Hydrodynamics of a particle impact on a wall
Numerical study of the effect of blade size on pumping effectiveness of a paddle impeller in an unbaffled mixing vessel
Tian-Yuan, X
Production enhancement and operation parameter's optimization of the flash smelting furnace based on numerical simulation
Tierney, MJ
Flow prediction in a pneumatically fed impact pulveriser
Tiitinen, J
Numerical modeling of an Outokumpu flotation device
Tiller-Jeffrey, R
CFD modeling and comparison with experimental residence time distributions in single and two phase porous flows
Torley, PJ
Analysis of a slit die rheometer: predicting product flow and dimensions through numerical simulation
Numerical analysis of the effect of extrusion conditions on flow in slit die rheometer
Trujillo, FJ
CFD modelling of the heat and mass transfer process during the evaporation of water from a circular cylinder
Tsukaguchi, Y
Swirling flow effect in immersion nozzle on bulk mold flow in continuous casting
Tu, JY
Effect of rotor’s angular speed and aspect ratio on entropy generation in a rotor-casing assembly
Development of a numerical model for subcooled boiling flow


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