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Author Index - M

Mann, A
Application of CFD in the sugar industry
Mao, ZS
Numerical simulation of viscous flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past an irregular solid obstacle by the mirror fluid method
CFD simulation of solid-liquid two-phase flow in baffled stirred vessels with Rushton impellers
Matthews, B
Future trends for Computational Fluid Dynamics in the process industry
Mcbride, D
Combined vertex-based cell-centred finite volume method for flows in complex geometries
McIlvenna, P
Two dimensional transfer chute analysis using a continuum method
McManus, K
CFD investigation of particle deposition and distribution in a horizontal pipe
Melissari, B
The application of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer in measuring the magnitude and direction of velocity in liquid metals
Meyer, JP
Validation of a CFD model of a three-dimensional tube-in-tube heat exchanger
Mittoni, LJ
Reduction in fume emission from a slag fumer charge port using CFD modelling
Mossad, R
Two dimensional transfer chute analysis using a continuum method
Mununga, L
Numerical study of the effect of blade size on pumping effectiveness of a paddle impeller in an unbaffled mixing vessel


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