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Author Index - H

Ha, J
SPH, MAGMASOFT and water analogue modellings of die filling of a servo piston
SPH: A new way of modelling high pressure die casting
Haidari, A
Future trends for Computational Fluid Dynamics in the process industry
Hamill, IS
The use of coupled solvers for complex multi-phase and reacting flows
Hao, YL
Numerical analysis of flow velocity distribution in high temperature air combustion furnace
Hara, S
Swirling flow effect in immersion nozzle on bulk mold flow in continuous casting
Harding, RA
Experimental and numerical study of the cold crucible melting process
Härkki, J
Investigation of air entrapment into an argon oxygen decarburization converter at the reduction stage
Harris, MB
CFD modelling of the heat and mass transfer process during the evaporation of water from a circular cylinder
Hart, J
The effect of jet velocity ratio on aerodynamics of rectangular slot-burners in tangentially-fired furnaces
Hart, RA
Numerical simulation of water mist suppression of tunnel-fire scenarios
Harvie, D
What is important in the simulation of spray dryer performance and how do current CFD models perform?
Haywood, R
Process optimisation and design of a belt furnace for nickel oxide reduction
Using CFD in the design and scale-up of hydrometallurgical processes
Heath, AR
Combined population balance and CFD modelling of particle aggregation by polymeric flocculant
Hii, MJW
Modelling of air flow and pollen collection by a single kiwifruit flower under wind and an air jet
Hobson, P
Application of CFD in the sugar industry
Holbeach, JW
Eulerian model for dissolution and dispersion of particles entering a liquid
Hossain, A
CFD investigation of particle deposition and distribution in a horizontal pipe
CFD modelling of blood flow in portal vein hypertension with and without thrombosis
Hourigan, K
Numerical study of the effect of blade size on pumping effectiveness of a paddle impeller in an unbaffled mixing vessel
Hydrodynamics of a particle impact on a wall
Hourlier, D
A CFX based model for si/c/n ceramic nano-powder synthesis by the laser pyrolysis
Howes, T
Development of simplified flow models from CFD simulations
Hunt, A
CFD modelling of the flow and reactions in a flash furnace smelter reaction shaft


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