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Author Index - S

Schmidt, S
Simulation of turbulent flow in a cyclonic separator
Schneider, PA
CFD model development for sugar mill evaporators
Schwarz, MP
Development of improved methods for computational modelling of gas dispersion in stirred tanks
CFD modelling and validation of flow in mineral flotation cells
An air sparging cfd model for heap bioleaching of copper-sulphide
Numerical prediction of dilute particulate flows in horizontal and vertical ducts
CFD modeling and comparison with experimental residence time distributions in single and two phase porous flows
Flow simulation of the HIsmelt process
Scott, C
SPH, MagmaSoft and water analogue modellings of die filling of a servo piston
Shaw, R
Deriving value from modelling in the minerals industry
Shrimpton, J
Application of CFD in vacuum dezincing process
Simonin, O
Eulerian multiphase modeling of particle-particle and particle-turbulence interactions in polydisperse gas-solid flows
Sinnott, M
3D DEM simulations of a high shear mixer
3D SPH simulations of the aluminium ingot casting process
Smith, EJ
Range of validity of a modified k-epsilon model of the non-reacting flow from a precessing jet nozzle
Smith, PJ
Hydrocarbon fire & furnace simulations: using massively parallel computers to span scales from the atomistic to the industrial
Solnordal, CB
CFD modelling of the flow and reactions in a flash furnace smelter reaction shaft
Reduction in fume emission from a slag fumer charge port using CFD modelling
CFD simulation and experimental validation of dilute particulate turbulent flows in a 90° duct bend
Song, JL
CFD analysis involving liquid aluminium in-furnace cleaning process
Steindl, R
Application of CFD in the sugar industry
Stokes, N
SPH simulations of a lobe pump: prediction of protein shear stress at different pump efficiencies
Stratton, PF
Gas quenching single components
Subic, A
Effect of rotor’s angular speed and aspect ratio on entropy generation in a rotor-casing assembly
Sutalo, I
Simulation of turbulent flow in a cyclonic separator
Syamlal, M
Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations of chemically reactive fluidized bed processes


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