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Author Index - N

Naser, J
CFD investigation of particle deposition and distribution in a horizontal pipe
CFD modelling of blood flow in portal vein hypertension with and without thrombosis
The effect of jet velocity ratio on aerodynamics of rectangular slot-burners in tangentially-fired furnaces
Nashed, G
Numerical analysis of the effect of extrusion conditions on flow in slit die rheometer
Nathan, GJ
Challenges and progress in the modelling of heat transfer and NOx emissions from rotary kiln flames involving unsteady flows
Range of validity of a modified k-epsilon model of the non-reacting flow from a precessing jet nozzle
Nguyen, AV
Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling of gas jets impinging onto liquid pools
Nguyen, B
CFD modelling and validation of flow in mineral flotation cells
Nguyen, T
SPH: a new way of modelling high pressure die casting
Nienow, AW
CFD analysis involving liquid aluminium in-furnace cleaning process
Nijdam, JJ
Lagrangian and Eulerian models for simulating turbulent dispersion and agglomeration of droplets within a spray
Nogami, H
Numerical analysis on blast furnace performance by multi-dimensional transient simulator based on multi-fluid theory


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