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Author Index - J

Jalili, V
Application of CFD in vacuum dezincing process
Jamieson, E
Simulation of the cake formation and growth in sedimentation and filtration
Järvi, J
Development of a mathematical model of flash smelting and converting processes
Johansen, ST
Mathematical modeling of metallurgical processes
Jolly, MR
CFD analysis involving liquid aluminium in-furnace cleaning process
Modelling of the wax injection process for the investment casting process: prediction of defects
Jones, IP
The use of coupled solvers for complex multi-phase and reacting flows
Jordan, PJ
Modelling of air flow and pollen collection by a single kiwifruit flower under wind and an air jet
Jorgensen, FRA
CFD modelling of the flow and reactions in a flash furnace smelter reaction shaft


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