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Author Index - D

Dally, BB
Range of validity of a modified k-epsilon model of the non-reacting flow from a precessing jet nozzle
Challenges and progress in the modelling of heat transfer and NOx emissions from rotary kiln flames involving unsteady flows
Davidson, MR
Numerical prediction of shear-thinning drop formation
Eulerian model for dissolution and dispersion of particles entering a liquid
An air sparging CFD model for heap bioleaching of copper-sulphide
Davis, MP
Flow simulation of the HIsmelt process
Deen, NG
Detailed computational and experimental fluid dynamics of fluid beds
Numerical study of hydrodynamics and mass transfer of in-line fiber arrays in laminar cross-flow
Dirker, J
Validation of a CFD model of a three-dimensional tube-in-tube heat exchanger
Dixon, T
Application of CFD in the sugar industry
Djambazov, G
Application of CFD in vacuum dezincing process
Computational modelling of bubbles, droplets and particles in metals reduction and refining
Doblin, C
An investigation of sparged mixing tanks using electrical impedance tomography and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dong, KJ
Simulation of the cake formation and growth in sedimentation and filtration
Dong, XF
Gas-powder flow in blast furnace with different shapes of cohesive zone
Dry, RJ
Flow simulation of the HIsmelt process


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